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What We Buy

Gold, Silver , Platinum, Palladium and in some cases Copper and other metals

We buy jewelry in any condition: Like new, slightly used, broken, dented and damaged. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, broaches, school rings, company awards and dental gold.

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A BIG FAT CHECK for jewelry I haven't worn in years! NO BRAINER! Thank you again.
- Jeras T.

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Welcome to BuyerofGold.com™

Where you get the most Cash Instantly for selling your old Gold Jewelry

Thank you for choosing The Buyer’s of Gold .com™ Network.  Our goal is to provide consumers and businesses with a competitive, convenient, prompt and fair offer to purchase Gold, Platinum, Silver, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds and Fine Watches. 

What makes BuyerofGold.com™ different than any other buyer of “scrap gold”, used and broken jewelry is, our unique network of buyers located throughout the United States.  Using our proprietary matching database we are able to direct your submission to the most highly qualified buyer located closest to you.  BuyerofGold.com™ is highly selective of the buyers authorized to accept shipments of jewelry and precious metal items.  

In addition BuyerofGold.com™ is guaranteed to provide the highest payout of any online Gold, Silver, Platinum buyer, since the network does not first ship a package to you and instead uses a sophisticated online engine to accept your submissions and provide constant communication with you through emails and in our unique proprietary customer interface available to customers via a username and login.

In just a few short steps, BuyerofGold.com™ will provide you with everything needed to receive the most competitive offer.

The BuyerofGold.com™ Network and each of it’s selected buyers is committed to Customer Satisfaction.  Private, prompt and courteous service is how we provide you with the most satisfying and highest payout offer for your gold, silver and platinum.  Click sell your jewelry to get started.

Thank you for choosing the best place to sell your items,

BuyerofGold.com™ Network