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Welcome to our new blog.

Welcome to our blog.  Here we will keep updates on everything that's going on about the site and new information about the precious metal industry.


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White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium. White gold can be 18kt, 14kt, 9kt or any karat. For example, 18kt yellow gold is made by mixing 75% gold (750 parts per thousand) with 25% (250 parts per thousand) other metals such as copper and zinc. 18kt white gold is made by mixing 75% gold with 25% other metals such as silver and palladium. So the amount of gold is the same but the alloy is different.

Color Of Gold

Gold comes in a number of colors aside from 'gold'.  It can be white, rose, green, purple, blue, or black.  Ever wonder what gives gold it's colors?  Well, here it is.

Gold Karat Percent Breakdowns

Everyone knows gold purity is rated in Karats (also spelt Carats), but do you know what each Karat breaks down to in terms of pure gold? Well, here it is...