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What We Buy

Gold, Silver , Platinum, Palladium and in some cases Copper and other metals

We buy jewelry in any condition: Like new, slightly used, broken, dented and damaged. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, broaches, school rings, company awards and dental gold.

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Clearly the "Best of the Best", and I have used them all.   I love the fact I’m not paying for others who never send in their jewelry.  I’ll pay to ship to you anytime.
- Margret M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know.
Read all about what you should know before selling your Gold, Jewelry, Watches or Diamonds to any nationally advertised buyer, or online website gold buyer.

How do I ship my jewelry to you?

BuyerofGold.com™ suggests using the United States Postal Service (USPS), we also suggest sending your items insured with tracking.  However, ultimately it's your choice!  BuyerofGold.com™ is unique since you do not have to wait for “packing materials”, and with BuyerofGold.com™ you do not have to subsidize others, you pay to ship your items into the BuyerofGold.com™ Network, this means you make more money!  The BuyerofGold.com™ site automatically creates a packing slip and shipping label with every new submission, each submission is tracked from inside your user control center.  We suggest using USPS priority fixed rate packaging available at any United States Post Office or other shipping center:  http://www.usps.com/prices/priority-mail-prices.htm.  You can also choose to ship with other services such as FedEx and UPS.  If you've chosen UPS, click here to locate your nearest UPS shipping location.

Does it cost me anything to send you my jewelry?

Yes.  However typical shipping including insurance will cost less than 20 dollars!

What if I'm not ready to send my jewelry right now?

You're under no obligation, if you decide to not send your jewelry right away, your shipping label and packing slip will be ready anytime from your control center, simply use the username (your email) and login you setup to log into your account on BuyerofGold.com™ anytime.  Remember you do not need to ship in all your items right now, search through your things and ship in only those items you are looking to sell right now, and remember at BuyerofGold.com™ we seek to establish life-time relationships so whenever you want to ship in additional items you can, simply by logging into your account and creating a new submission.

How will I know when BuyerofGold.com™ received my package?

At BuyerofGold.com™ we believe in constant customer communication.  You will receive email updates throughout every stage of each transaction.  Additionally, all your messages and stages of each transaction (submission) is available online at your user control center, using a login and password you receive when you set up your first submission, you can log into your account at any time, and view all your submissions. There, you'll see status updates relating to your submissions, notes from the BuyerofGold.com™ Network Buyer, your offers and ability to change the way you are paid, even tracking numbers are available from the user control center.

Can I send my gold by any carrier?

YES!  BuyerofGold.com™ is the most flexible service available and the only service which guarantees you do not pay for others junk, by subsidizing others packages.  The services which first ship you packaging materials and pre-paid envelopes or labels must recoup the wasted supplies and double shipping, therefore they pay as much as four times LESS than BuyerofGold.com   Be sure to include your packing slip in each shipment/submission.

How does BuyerofGold.com™ calculate the value of my gold/silver jewelry?

BuyerofGold.com™ calculates the value of your gold jewelry primarily based on these factors:

  • The price of gold as quoted as the “Spot Gold” price from the previous days close.
  • The karat content of your gold which is a percentage of 24 karat:
  • 10kt is 41.6%
  • 14kt is 58.3%
  • 18kt is 75% gold.
  • The actual weight of your gold items.
  • Any special markings or condition if your items can be wholesaled in the form submitted

How will I be paid?

Again this is where BuyerofGold.com™ is different from any other service.  You can choose your method of payment, some forms of payment have additional fees and some forms of payment allow us to pay you more!  You can be paid by:  Paypal, GoldMoney, Corporate Check, Western Union, Pre-Paid Credit Card, BuyerofGold.com™ strives to provide ultimate flexibility for you to receive YOUR Money Faster with less costs than any other service.  For larger submissions you can even receive directed Bank Wire! 

Can I find out how much I'm going to be paid before you pay me?

YES!  Before you will be paid and before any of your items are “refined” you must accept the offer made.   With BuyerofGold.com™ you see your settlement in advance every-time.  We'll contact you by email or telephone to let you know your settlement is ready. You will have 48 hours to log onto BuyerofGold.com™ and see your settlement.

Our policy is to issue payments within 24 hours of processing (acceptance of settlement).

What if I'm unable to access the internet? Will I still get paid within 24 hours?

YES!  We provide toll free service to contact your BuyerofGold.com™ Network Buyer, our simple to use Always Toll Free Number:  1.800.230.GOLD is an interactive voice system, where you can get updated Gold, Silver, and Platinum spot prices and be routed to the BuyerofGold.com™ agent who has your submission simply by indexing your BuyerofGold.com™ tracking number into the BuyerofGold.com™ toll free automated routing system at:  1.800.230.GOLD  Our policy is to issue payment according to the payment method you selected within 24 hours of processing.

What if I'm unhappy with the amount of my settlement?


If our offer does not meet your expectations, there is a communication process in place from within your BuyerofGold.com™ control center, and you can always use the toll free number:  1.800.230.GOLD to speak directly with your BuyerofGold.com™ agent.   You can also open a trouble ticket at anytime from within your control center on BuyerofGold.com™   If you have received a check, you must return the un-cashed check within 5 days .

All items paid for will be held for 10 days from date of payment sent and unless we have notification and/or a return of our check the items will be subject to sale or disposal.

What is a Pennyweight?

20 Pennyweight (DWT) equals 1 ounce. 

What is a Spot Price?

The market price for immediate delivery of a commodity, such as gold, silver or platinum. This is the price gold is trading at for the day.

Do you pay for Gem Stones?

YES!  However most gem-stones are only worth a few dollars, as a general rule you should not expect to receive compensation for the stones.  We DO pay wholesale price for all diamonds received and will gladly accept them. 

What kind of gold or jewelry will you accept?

We generally accept ALL items sent to us and guarantee to have your payment sent to you within 24 hours.

Are your services free?

Yes!  If we do not buy your merchandise or you reject our offer and request return, we return your merchandise for only our costs.  This is NOT a profit center for us as more than 98% of all submissions are purchased and clients are satisfied with the CASH they receive.

How will I know when you've received my gold/jewelry?

You can track the status 24x7 by using the BuyerofGold.com™ user control center. This provides instant access to our online database.  We also offer a toll free number:  1.800.230.GOLD to allow automated tracking of your submissions.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the amount I have been paid?

If you are unhappy with your payment, do not worry.

Some of my old gold jewelry has diamonds, or semi-precious stones, in the settings. Do I try to remove them before sending to you, or do you return them to me?

Any jewelry containing diamonds will be credited back to your account and paid for on your settlement sheet.  Any jewelry containing semi-precious stones will receive nominal compensation.

Disclaimer: All items paid for will be held for 10 days from date of payment sent, if client requests transaction to be canceled BuyerofGold.com™ should be notified payment returned within those ten days. There may be an administration fee to return items or cancel a transaction after offer and acceptance. Any items not claimed will be subject to sale or disposal.