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What We Buy

Gold, Silver , Platinum, Palladium and in some cases Copper and other metals

We buy jewelry in any condition: Like new, slightly used, broken, dented and damaged. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, broaches, school rings, company awards and dental gold.

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Clearly the "Best of the Best", and I have used them all.   I love the fact I’m not paying for others who never send in their jewelry.  I’ll pay to ship to you anytime.
- Margret M.

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What you should know

What you should know before you sell your Gold, Jewelry, Watches or Gems to any nationally advertised buyer, or any online buyer. Overwhelmingly the majority of these buyers are precious metal refiners.  Refiners are only interested in the precious metal content of your items.  Although many items we buy are considered unsellable and will be refined, a large percentage has more value that just the metal content. The value of a piece of jewelry often has much more to it than the amount of gold, platinum or silver in it.

Because of our extensive industry contacts and our unique proprietary network of selected buyers located throughout the US and Canada BuyerofGold.com™ is better able to market fine gold, platinum, silver, jewelry, watches and diamonds that most "gold buyers & refiners" undervalue.

Most "gold buyers" pay only a small percentage of the actual gold value of your items.  Many sellers may not realize they have unique, signed, period pieces, antique and estate items.  The BuyerofGold.com™ Network of selected buyers will make higher offers than any other buyer you find in your community or online.  Each BuyerofGold.com™ Buyer is selected based on their reputation and experience, the offers are always based on rarity, condition and market demand, as well as metal content.

BuyerofGold.com™ is committed to making every client a client for life, to this end as soon as you make your submission you are setup free of charge with a permanent account within the BuyerofGold.com™ Network, the account is accessible anytime via a username and password.  From your account control panel you can view your submissions, see notes, accept offers, request return of your items, and much more.  Let’s get started by accepting your first submission today.

The BuyerofGold.com™ Network